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I tweet a lot about the development of Fringe Planet - as well as talking about game development in general. Twitter is fantastic for getting the message out, but tweets always slowly fade out of view as time goes past. So I've decided to add this section to the website, which contains everything I've tweeted. You'll find a lot of information about both me personally as well as the game.

Good morning Twitter - Happy Wednesday to one and all - today I'll be leaving the safety of my #gamedev sanctuary and will be doing some real life learning about some #bizdev things (with a free lunch, which is the most important thing tbh) - what are your plans?

An early last tweet o' the night :-) But I'll be hanging on the @FringePlanet Discord for a few hours - why not come and join us?

(p.s. be safe and have fun o7)

"The Coder did look upon their creation with new eyes. They both wept and rejoiced. For the Coder was responsible not only for slaying the terrible bug - but also for creating it."

- Book of Code (43:12) #gamedev

Just had a super productive call! (yay!) Really enjoy it when that happens! Day is progressing nicely and I'm just about to munch some lunch - I'm spoilt for choice today - what are you munching on today? #gamedev

Good morning Twitter! - happy Tuesday to one and all :-) Time to #gamedev :-) Today I'll be doing some accounts, working on some #procgen for peon facial textures and have a couple of calls planned - what are you up to today folks? Let me know :-)

Last tweet o' the night folks :-) With my feed rapidly filling up with "foot on the ball" related things as well as more political things, let's just remember we are all human beings experiencing a live event :-) Be safe, *nice* and have fun o7 More #gamedev follows in the AM :-)

Dear game developers of Twitter - which hashtag do YOU find more useful? and why? :-)

(please RT to grab a larger audience size)

#gamedev vs #indiedev

Wow, the day has flown past oO How has your day gone folks? Has it been a productive one? The #gamedev has gone well for me, plenty of tasks crossed off the TODOs, but just dealing with a particularly stubborn bug atm

Does anyone else have a very small set of trending at the moment? Normally much longer and a lot more relevant than this (not important, just curious)

Just had an awesome mentoring meeting with @MendelBouman where we discussed some behind the scenes stuff, the web shop, the @IndietopiaNL accelerator and various Halloween traditions :-) #gamedev

So the weather has got very much got colder, but I'm not going to admit defeat and turn on the heating, so I'm fully dressed and wearing a dressing gown while drinking tea and doing #gamedev. I feel suitably British :-)

Good morning Twitter! Tis a very wet and windy day here, the perfect sort of day to curl up under a blanket, drink a nice warm cup of tea as the rain batters against the windows and wishlist @FringePlanet :-) What are your plans for today folks? #gamedev

A special shout out to @NullifidianNick @SOTMead and @rob63h who managed to screenshot the fantastic event! (I was fast asleep when it happened alas)

Over night, I hit 6,666 followers. Which is literally an insane number of folks who are following @FringePlanet #gamedev. I have to thank every single one of you for all your support - your likes/RTs/replies - all of it is incredibly humbling and motivating. Next milestone : 6969

Happy weekend folks! Tis been rather wet all morning, but a morning of chores means the house work is done, dinner is in the slower cooker and now it's time for some downtime :-) What are you up to today? Any interesting plans?