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I tweet a lot about the development of Fringe Planet - as well as talking about game development in general. Twitter is fantastic for getting the message out, but tweets always slowly fade out of view as time goes past. So I've decided to add this section to the website, which contains everything I've tweeted. You'll find a lot of information about both me personally as well as the game.

Good morning folks - today looks like it's going to be another scorcher here in the UK - remember to keep yourself hydrated. Tea is ready, time to commence the #gamedev :-)

Waiting for the #thunderstorms and rain so I can re-enact the last scene of Dune :-) #heatwaveuk

(and probably confuse my neighbours by shouting out "for he is the Kwisatz Haderach!")

(oh and if you've got Netflix, I 100% recommend the Umbrella Academy - binged both seasons over the weekend, fantastic show)

Blimey it's a bit warm today...

Good morning folks and a happy Monday to one and all :-) Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I've gotta a cuppa and a long TODO list - time to commence the #gamedev :-)

Good morning folks and happy Friday. Today I'll mostly be complaining about the weather :-) What are your plans for today folks? #gamedev #heatwave

Ear still hasn't popped yet :-(

And if you are interested about that gif, you can read about the dynamic texture generation I use in @FringePlanet here: https://fringeplanetgame.com/blog/2020/04/24/the-peons-skins-dev-blog-93/ :-) #gamedev