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I tweet a lot about the development of Fringe Planet - as well as talking about game development in general. Twitter is fantastic for getting the message out, but tweets always slowly fade out of view as time goes past. So I've decided to add this section to the website, which contains everything I've tweeted. You'll find a lot of information about both me personally as well as the game.

Good morning folks a happy Thursday to one and all :-) What are your plans for today? I'll be working on Project X today (also waiting for my ear to pop, woke up to it feeling blocked, which is irksome) #gamedev

Regular readers will know I've been using a bunch of bots who speak lorem ipsum to each other (there are reasons ofc - I'm not that weird). I now have 5 million chat lines for them. I don't know what they are saying, but they seem to be enjoying themselves :-) #gamedev #procgen

My hobby - hearing a helicopter (it's normally the air ambulance around the local hospital) and seeing where it came from. I'm using https://www.freedar.uk/ to get this info, it's pretty fascinating stuff :-)

Someone is having a barbecue and it smells amazing. I am incredibly jealous :-)

Also, it be remiss of me not to mention the terrible event that happened in #Beirut - my thoughts are with all those effected by that shocking blast. I can't imagine experience something like that, and I really hope it is something I never get to experience...

Good morning folks, and happy Wednesday - I hope you are all doing well. I've got a busy day lined up with Project X. Wishing you all the best for today folks :-) #gamedev

That explosion in Beirut is incredibly scary looking, be safe folks...


The humble variable i.

You may be an int i...
or an $i...
or a I$...

But you have helped me through more loops than I can possible imagine <3 #webdev #gamedev

Happy morning people and a happy Tuesday to one and all. I've got a busy day ahead me working on Project X :-) (and yes, my earlobe and should blade are still in ouchie mode alas). Good luck with your plans for today folks! #gamedev

Just had to explain to an 80+ year old man what a Flat Earther is. At first he thought it was made up. Then his expression changed into something which only can be described as flabbergasted. "What a world we live in..."

Just went for a walk and the amount of discarded masks is quite icky - please throw them away folks, more hygienic and better for the environment :-)