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What platforms will Fringe Planet be availible on?

At launch, Fringe Planet will be available on PC (both Windows and Linux) as well as on Mac. I'm not ruling out launching on consoles as well, but that would depend on how popular the game is - console porting is something I have no personal experience with, so I would need to see if; a) there was the demand for the game there and b) find an awesome company to help me port the game to consoles. The game will be launched on Steam but I will also be publishing a DRM free version, for those who prefer that.

What stage of development is Fringe Planet at?

Fringe Planet has been in development for over a year and a half now. I'm rapidly getting to the point where I will be releasing a beta of the game. The majority of the core gameplay systems has been created, the goal in the next few months will be to turn a vertical slice of gameplay into something much fuller featured. Graphics are also under going huge changes at the moment, the UI is currently a mixture of developer WIP art and professional art drawn by Delfo.

When will I be able to play the game?

More details about this will be coming soon - the game is expected to launch in 2020 with a closed beta happening before that. More details will follow in the coming months, but I will be looking for closed beta testers as well as allowing supporters to play the beta as well.

But there is more! Once the game is finished -  I will be regularly releasing functional DLC for the game. This will *always* be free.

What about the Epic game store?

I know there is a lot of worry about Kickstarting games and Epic store exclusivity when people have pledged expecting a Steam release. Let me state, this game will be released on Steam - nothing will change that.

What engine are you using to develop Fringe Planet?

Fringe Planet uses the powerful, multi-platform Unity engine.

What languages will the game be released in?

Fringe Planet is a fairly text heavy game. The initial version of Fringe Planet will be released in English. However, I am going to support as many different languages as possible. The priority list for this is Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. However, Fringe Planet will support community translations. I'll make sure to make these available before release.

What accessibility options will be included with Fringe Planet?

Accessibility is an issue which is incredibly close to my heart. Very early on in development I created an engine that allowed audio cues in the game to be displayed as text.
All subtitles can be customised depending on importance - font, font size, background colour and font colour can all be changed. Every version of the game will ship with this engine.

What are memories? How do they work?

Every peon has three stages of life - childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Each of those stages will have a memory related to it. A memory has three levels of description and associated stat boosts as more of the memory is remembered. For instance:

  • 'I remember my muscles hurting a lot' ( +1 strength )
  • 'I remember listening to music and exercising a lot, working on my body' ( +2 strength )
  • 'I loved going to the gym! I was there every day for an hour, training and lifting weights, I really cared for my body' (+3 strength)

More detailed info can be found on the Fringe Planet blog - https://fringeplanetgame.com/blog/2018/08/31/dev-blog-11/

Why do some of your screenshots look different to others?

The game has been in development for over a year and a half, and I'm a very open developer - I post a lot of screenshots of things that I'm working on. The two big things that people notice are :

1. Peon facial textures - This was a change I made to the game a couple of weeks before launching the Kickstarter - with the peons being the focus of the game, I thought it was really important for the Kickstarter to help show them off and give them more personality. Related blog post : https://fringeplanetgame.com/blog/2019/08/02/the-oncoming-storm-dev-blog-57/

2. No more 'square' trees. A few months ago I re-visited pretty much every model in the game, giving it a graphical update (both in terms of texture and model) - this changed the look of the game dramatically. Related blog post : https://fringeplanetgame.com/blog/2019/06/07/re-visiting-some-old-models-dev-blog-49/

Why is it called Fringe Planet, and not Fringe Island?

I get asked this a surprising amount - the answer is two fold. Firstly, with the epic scale of the lore and the universe I've created with Fringe Planet - the sense of size is incredibly important - everything should feel epic and huge, even as the peons feel so small and tiny. This is really important to get the feeling of cosmic horror I want the game to have. Secondly, it just sounds like a much better name!