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Sigil Initiative Ltd
Based in Luton, United Kingdom

Founding date:
March 16th, 2018


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71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden


    Description - Game

    Fringe Planet

    Fringe Planet is a game about survival - six survivors awake on a frozen and inhospitable floating island, with very few resources between them and no memories of how they got there. Providing warmth, food and safety is paramount at the start of the game - the game is designed to be hard and will kill the survivors rapidly if their needs are not met. Resource management is essential - the floating island has untapped potential as a new home, but discovering the best way to exploit these resources is vital to the survivors. As the game progresses and the survivors explore the island and learn it's secrets, more of the story is revealed - giving the player a choice of end game scenarios or allowing the player to completely ignore the story and enjoy the game in they way they wish. With both science and magic co-existing in this world, the tech tree is vast and the options for survival increases as the player unlocks more research. Customisable story tellers watch the player and will customise the experience by generating events during the game to keep the game challenging, even for the most experienced players. Finally, Fringe Planet is built from the ground up with modding in mind - currently almost all parts of the game can be modified by changing XML files - assuring a unique and long lasting experience for gamers.


    The current public release date for Fringe Planet is 2019 - starting with an early access version in May 2019. In addition to this we will be releasing a closed alpha in April 2018. Please contact us if you would be interested in participating in a closed alpha - we would love to hear from streamers/press/fans.


    Fringe Planet is currently seeking investment. We have won several small grants and this assures development for near future, however larger funding will be required to get the game to release. Private investors please feel free to contact us. Options for future funding also include a potential kickstarter or Steam EA, more information will follow about this in the future.

    Description - About the team

    Nic Rutherford

    Nic Rutherford started programming at a young age, typing in games and programs given in BBC Micro computer magazines. With a passion for development, Nic quickly identified programming as a career choice. For many years Nic worked for multiple start-ups, working behind the scenes on various technology stacks. As with any developer, he eventually become more involved in the planning and leading others rather than hands on development - becoming a Lead Systems Architect. However, even with all this experience under his belt, Nic's passion has always been game development. Participating in GameJams and releasing games in his spare time, as well as participating in the GameDev scene, Nic decided his career needed a change and so he started a company : Sigil Initiative. The goal of this company is simple: to give life to Fringe Planet. You can read more about Nic on his introduction blog post : https://fringeplanetgame.com/blog/2019/03/15/all-about-nic-dev-blog-37/.

    About Sigil Initiative


    Sigil Initiative is a limited company that is based in the UK. A brand new start up, it is working with the Indietopia Accelerator program to bring Fringe Planet into reality. As a solo studio, Nic manages every aspect of the company: design, marketing and development.


    We at Sigil Initiative have very strong feelings on some of the cancer that is spreading in both the AAA gaming world and the indie gaming world. We stand by our ethics: we will never produce loot boxes/crates. We will never release a paid for expansion for a game which could be free DLC. We will never add pay to win features to our games. We will treat all data given to us with the utmost respect. We will never release something we are not proud of. We will help the modding community by producing documentation and tools to help them. We will always credit and reimburse the talent that helps us build our games. We will keep in constant communication with our community - keeping them informed of both the good times, and the bad times. We treat all people the same regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion or disability. We will never put a game at risk for the case of profits.