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We are very excited to announce that we will be starting a regular newsletter for Fringe Planet.  This newsletter will contain important information, news and exclusive media about the game. We’ve made it incredibly simple to sign up, you just need to visit this page :

As you are signing up, you can select how often you want us to email you:

1 – Important information – we will use this to announce huge news – things such as partnerships, investments, events where Fringe Planet will be, KickStarter info and public beta releases. Also may include a competition or two – you can expect email from this option once a month at most.

2 – Commercial release – you will only get an email when the game is publicly available in a non-beta format. We’ve either hit version 1.0 or have a very polished Early Access game for you to download.

3 – Monthly emails – This includes both the above options and also includes sending you an email every month about the development of Fringe Planet and what we have been up to this month. (This is the best option we think!)

Your email will be treated with utter respect, we will never sell it or pass it on, or use it for anything which isn’t Fringe Planet related. You also have every right for us to delete your email – and we have included a link in the confirmation email will let you remove your email and other data with a single click.

Having a newsletter will be incredibly useful for us – it will allow us direct communication with the Fringe Planet community and (more importantly) it allows us to gauge the interest for the game. So please, if you are interested in the game, sign up!

There is a lot more to read about Fringe Planet… why not try:

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