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Looking for your fan art! Competition time!

I’ve extended the deadline until the 4th July – so the 5th July will be a dedicated blog post all about this – get your entries in when you can!

Next week – on the 28th June, I’ll be posting the 52nd dev blog. Representing an entire year of development blogs for Fringe Planet. The time has passed super quickly! To celebrate this awesome milestone, I’d love to get some community generated content to post on it. I’ve received some awesome stuff in the past and would love to share it with everybody.

So I’ll be running a wee competition. Simply email me ( or @ me on twitter (@beebug_nic) a piece of creative content inspired by Fringe Planet. It could be a drawing, a poem, a story, a dramatic reading or even a three part opera. Anything goes as long as it is creative – and safe for work! I’ll be setting an official deadline of 11.59pm GMT on the 27th June.

But what would be a competition without some prizes? Well, to remain nice and impartial, I won’t be judging the material – the community itself will vote for the winners. The creators of the top two pieces of content as voted for will be the first people in the entire world to receive a Fringe Planet t-shirt. This I will ship internationally, so I will need your address and preferred t-shirt size if you win.  In addition to that, the top five content creators will be amongst the first people to receive a special key – this key will allow them to add a peon name to the base game. You can have your own name in the game, or maybe a nemesis you wish to punish for eternity? The choice is up to you!

I’m incredibly excited to see what you folks will produce. If you do have any questions, then please let me know!


1st – Fringe Planet T-shirt and a peon name key

2nd – Fringe Planet T-shirt and a peon name key

3rd – Peon name key

4th – Peon name key

5th – Peon name key


11.59pm GMT on the 27th June 4th July
Boring important stuff

By submitting an entry, you agree that I can post it on the Fringe Planet website for the purposes of voting, as well as including it on next weeks blog post. All content you create belongs to you and if it is mega-epic-awesome and I want to use it for something else, we can have a chat about licensing it officially. T-shirts I will ship internationally – peon name keys will be sent by email or twitter. All entries should be safe for work. Also, please make sure the entry you submit is your own work – otherwise you are just cheating! I can also refuse your entry if I deem it offensive in way shape or form – so play nice! If you have any questions let me know.

Some inspiration

There is a lot of creative content about Fringe Planet, here are some ideas to help inspire you!


The Plyme Tree


Twitter announcement

There is a lot more to read about Fringe Planet… why not try:

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