Updates from The Void – Dev Blog 65

Greetings! This week has been a flurry of activity. The main focus of which has been setting up the Fringe Planet webshop. Which I was really hoping to launch today – but alas, I’m waiting on some things to get done by a 3rd party, which means I’ll have to unveil it next week instead. However, while I’ve been wrestling with Drupal setting up this new site, there has been a lot of other things going on as well.

Peons gathered around a campfire

Firstly the Discord has been amazing. It’s been awesome talking directly to so many folks in such a laid back atmosphere. Made a bunch of new friends and received a lot of awesome feedback from a lot of different people. Seeing this community grow, and how incredibly supportive of each other it is has been incredibly wholesome. There has been a lot of fun and games (the fishing bot is particularly populer!) If you haven’t joined the Discord – it’s a really awesome time to do so! You can join it here: https://discord.gg/PCvGXJM (and don’t forget, if you backed the Kickstarter, there is an exclusive role waiting for you!).

A screenshot of the Fringe Planet discord

Behind the scenes, I’ve been seeking funding from various different sources to keep development of Fringe Planet going ahead at full speed. There has been some incredibly interesting discussions and some very awesome possibilities explored. I’ll talk about this in more detail when I can, but there are some exciting things happening. Keep your fingers crossed folks!

Harvested Magic

I’ve also had a lot of discussions (and done a lot of research) about the art style of Fringe Planet – and trying to judge if the Minecraft aesthetic is something which is hurting the game or if it is a good thing. Current results, alas, are inconclusive, but it’s something I’ll be talking about on Twitter (and in Discord) next week to get some more solid views. I also may mock up some potential alternatives to the current art style and see how they resonate with folks. If you feel strongly about this topic – please let me know! Every opinion is incredibly handy!

Visiting Ruins

Finally, I’ve been cleaning up my internal lore wiki for the game. I’ve written a lot about the story behind Fringe Planet and the universe it is set in. Some ideas are fully fledged out in great detail. Others are mere notes and reminders. I really want to get as much of the lore out there as soon as I can – it’s a background task but a goal I’m moving towards every day. I’m also hoping to get an artist on board to get some of the more visually awesome aspects of the lore illustrated.

So a short devblog for this week! I hope you enjoyed reading!




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