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The Dreaded Lurgy – Dev Blog 66

Woke up incredibly thick with a cold today, which has not been too much fun, so this devblog will be incredibly brief – sorry about that, but it was bound to happen at some point! This, alas, is one of the draw backs with being a solo developer – if I’m ill, then not much happens. I’ll be addressing this in the future by preparing some lore blog posts in advance that I can keep ready just in case this happens again!

The web store is now ready for release – I won’t be pushing it live today, but will be next week. Incredibly excited to finally share it with you – there are some very cool features that allow you to handle all your purchases from within the site. Physical goods haven’t been added yet (still waiting on a few things for that) but they will be in the near future.

The sun is below

On the business front, things are going very well. Various contracts are currently being read by a solicitor and I’ll be talking more about this soon. Super exciting times ahead!

Additionally I’ve just received my certificate of participation from the Indietopia accelerator – marking a year of partnership, learning, support and fun with them. Read about my adventures with Indietopia in these posts:

So, I’ve got a Lemsip ready so I shall bring an end to easily my shortest blog post ever – have an incredible weekend folks and stay healthy!


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