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Dev Blog 17

Hello and welcome to this weeks development blog. This week we have been largely focused on the games UI and styling it into something less generic, theming it to better reflect the occult universe that Fringe Planet takes place in. This is still very work in progress, so we thought we would talk today about

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Dev Blog 16

There are many things in Fringe Planet  – everything from eldritch creatures that will terrify peons, to complex machinery that produce items from raw material – today we will talk about something more mundane – the furniture that the peons can build and interact with. Currently in the game are three categories of furniture –

Dev Blog 15

Greetings and welcome to this weeks development blog. A bit of a different one today – we’ve been in the Netherlands this week, meeting some interesting folk, as well talking a lot about Fringe Planet. It’s been very crazy and very busy – but also a lot of fun! We have been accepted into the

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Dev Blog 14

Hello and welcome to Friday’s weekly development blog. We’ve spoken about the insides of the peons, how their bones and organs work. This week we will be looking into another important aspect of peons – how they think. Do peons dream of electronic sheep? No, but they do dream. The peon AI consists of three

The Fallen Peons

The Fallen Peons

Every week, we get new suggestions from Twitter over the names we should use for the peons. We’ve had almost a 150 peon names suggested over the past six months, and three of those names every week are used in our development builds. You can see them immortalised in the screenshots we post on both

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Dev Blog 13

Welcome to this weeks development blog. Today we shall be looking behind the veil at some of the more occult aspects of the game that we have been working on this week. The world of Fringe Planet is steeped in various occult and magical references – it is a place where spirits, demons and many

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Dev Blog 12

Greetings! We have been very busy this week focusing in quality of life improvements in the UI – as well as making the UI itself more interactive. But window management would make for a rather bland development blog post – so instead let’s focus on something more interesting : The Anatomy of a Peon. A

Peons - and what is inside them

Dev Blog 11

It’s Friday once again, which means it is time for a new development blog. Today we will be looking at arguably the most important part of Fringe Planet: the peons. The peons are humans that have awoken in the frozen landscape of Fringe Planet with no memory of who they were or how they got

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Dev Blog 10

This weeks development blog is focused on an issue very close to our hearts, that of accessibility in games, and primarily how we are going to make Fringe Planet as accessible as possible to as many gamers as possible.  We will be talking about audio today and how we can help everyone experience the sounds

Dev Blog 9

Hello and welcome to the ninth weekly development blog – this weeks focus is procedural generation, and what sort of things to expect as you explore the harsh frozen world of Fringe Planet! One of the things we spent some time refining and optimising this week are the visiting islands.  These are small islands that