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Every week, we retire the peons that have been in the game for that week. Then we ask twitter to select the names for next week peons. We've had some fantastic names in the past, and we thought we would honour these fallen heros with a page of their own. Thank you to everyone who suggests a name, some of the ideas are incredibly creative!

The Hall of the Fallen Peons

Face Name Description D.O.B.
Kaleb Kaleb An extremely skilled peon who spent both his childhood and adulthood homeless 26 February 2019
Beatrix Beatrix Spent a lot of time on the street and in asylums. Had the "extremely petite" trait, which meant she got very cold, very quickly - meaning she died a lot during her time on Fringe Planet 26 February 2019
Dimples Dimples A very quiet peon who had a sensitive stomach, resulting in much vomiting after eating uncooked food 26 February 2019
BlissCat BlissCat An extremely perceptive genius, who travels and explores in the real world 19 February 2019
Fred Fred A highly psychic peon who is incredibly imaginative 19 February 2019
Eddy Eddy A computer security expert in the real world who is extremely adventurous 19 February 2019
Tom Tom the Serial Hugger A cursed fisherman who was timid but very hardworking 12 February 2019
Bob Bob A civilian with the police force who had a very sad childhood, with very weak legs 12 February 2019
Another Bob Bob the Cereal Hugger Enjoyed swimming as a child and ended up being a manager at a chain store - he was wilful and intuitive 12 February 2019
Wolf Wolf Bubbly, extravagant, and happy are all words that can describe Wolf - she grew up on the seaside, and embraced the sea life by becoming a fisherman later on in life 15 January 2019
Julian Julian Hard working and strong, Julian was a police officer in the real world. Though as strong as he was, he was incredibly jumpy at times 15 January 2019
Romeotte Romeotte Imaginative and always day-dreaming, the harsh enviroment of Fringe Planet came as a shock to her. However, she was psychically gifted - so was very useful to her fellow peons. 15 January 2019
Rudi Rudi One of three peons trapped on Fringe Planet over Christmas - she was very timid and jumpy, but became both brave and stubborn during experiments that were run on her 18 December 2018
Tovlis Babua Tovlis Babua One of three peons trapped on Fringe Planet over Christmas - Tovlis was slightly scared of the cold and was timid, however he was incredibly adaptable 18 December 2018
Ebenezer Ebenezer Scrooge One of three peons trapped on Fringe Planet over Christmas - insightful, did some game development as a teen but ultimately ended up as a building foreman 18 December 201
Hans Hans A very athletic peon, but inherently lazy as well, loved music as a child 11 December 2018
Seymour Seymour Attractive and quiet, Seymour loved sports as a child 11 December 2018
Pimpin Pimpin A junior school teacher who loves swimming, but is spiritually weak 11 December 201
BeeBug_Nic BeeBug_Nic A slightly hardworking and playful factory foreman 20 November 2018
Logan Logan A perceptive and alert factory hand 20 November 2018
Sizewell Sizewell A gossip who loves reading and writing and worked as a high school teacher 20 November 201
Natalia R Natalia R Musically talented and extremely strong, loves music & sport 13 November 2018
Doc S Doc S A very sick peon, who spent his early years mostly by himself reading and writing 13 November 2018
Steve R Steve R Hardworking and with strong arms, exceedingly bubbly and curious 13 November 201
Gabriel Gabriel The most attractive peon that Fringe Planet has seen - bright and loved learning as well 6 November 2018
June June June approaches problems methodologically and was bulled badly as a child, but grew up to become a lawyer 6 November 2018
Ozymandias Ozymandias Loved reading and worked/played a lot with computers 6 November 201
Vindicator Vindicator A peon with a timid personality but an incredibly muscular physique 30 October 2018
Metatron Metatron Paranoid and artistic, Metatron loved sports as a teen 30 October 2018
Baguette Baguette Extremely friendly and loved all forms of gaming in the real world 30 October 2018
Valtiel Valtiel An intense peon, who loves to gossip but also believes in something greater than herself 23 October 2018
Tank Tank Bright but lazy, he was a junior school teacher who loves reading 23 October 2018
Cabbie Cabbie A spiritually vulnerable peon - she worked as an IT professional in the real world 23 October 2018
Muriella Muriella Bright and perceptive, she used her family riches to travel and explore the world 16 October 2018
Xuchilbara Xuchilbara Lazy and with very weak legs - injured during their time spent playing sports as a teen 16 October 2018
Gladry Gladry Petite and terrified of the cold - Gladry had incredible skills at crafting 16 October 2018
Nautilus Nautilus A sporty and highly psychic peon who was a solicitor in the real world 9 October 2018
Camilla Camilla A very perceptive peon who trained hard as a teen to become a sportspeon 9 October 2018
Maximillian Maximillian Another psychic solicitor - who also loves music 9 October 2018
Peongelo Peongelo A homeless person, who has been on the streets since childhood - fast and wilful 2 October 2018
Peon de Caprio Peon de Caprio Jumpy and extremely quiet - but psychically attuned, used to work in a factory 2 October 2018
Peon da vinci Peon da Vinci An extremely quick witted music lover 2 October 2018
Helguson Helguson A skilled craftperson who is strangely attuned to The Void 25 September 2018
Cornholio Cornholio A physically very strong builder, who loved horseriding as a child 25 September 2018
Claudette Claudette A quick witted police officer, who has a strong belief in God and a very religious upbringing 25 September 2018
Bartholomew Bartholomew Imaginative and very bright, bullied a lot as a child 17 September 2018
Martha Martha Jumpy and easily scared, a photographer back in the real world 17 September 2018
Dromon Dromon A builder, who loved playing music through both his chilldhood and teen years 17 September 2018
Schrödinger Schrödinger Extremely tough university lecturer, enjoyed playing music as a child 10 September 2018
Ronja Ronja Timid data entry clerk, with a passion for reading 10 September 2018
Athom Athom Muscular and placid, enjoyed horse riding as a child 10 September 2018

The Fallen - Honoured peons lost in the mist of times