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Every week, we retire the peons that have been in the game for that week. Then we ask twitter to select the names for next week peons. We've had some fantastic names in the past, and we thought we would honour these fallen heros with a page of their own. Thank you to everyone who suggests a name, some of the ideas are incredibly creative!

The Fallen - Honoured peons

Face Name Description D.O.B.
Nautilus Nautilus A sporty and highly psychic peon who was a solicitor in the real world 9 October 2018
Camilla Camilla A very perceptive peon who trained hard as a teen to become a sportspeon 9 October 2018
Maximillian Maximillian Another psychic solicitor - who also loves music 9 October 2018
Peongelo Peongelo A homeless person, who has been on the streets since childhood - fast and wilful 2 October 2018
Peon de Caprio Peon de Caprio Jumpy and extremely quiet - but psychically attuned, used to work in a factory 2 October 2018
Peon da vinci Peon da Vinci An extremely quick witted music lover 2 October 2018
Helguson Helguson A skilled craftperson who is strangely attuned to The Void 25 September 2018
Cornholio Cornholio A physically very strong builder, who loved horseriding as a child 25 September 2018
Claudette Claudette A quick witted police officer, who has a strong belief in God and a very religious upbringing 25 September 2018
Bartholomew Bartholomew Imaginative and very bright, bullied a lot as a child 17 September 2018
Martha Martha Jumpy and easily scared, a photographer back in the real world 17 September 2018
Dromon Dromon A builder, who loved playing music through both his chilldhood and teen years 17 September 2018
Schrödinger Schrödinger Extremely tough university lecturer, enjoyed playing music as a child 10 September 2018
Ronja Ronja Timid data entry clerk, with a passion for reading 10 September 2018
Athom Athom Muscular and placid, enjoyed horse riding as a child 10 September 2018

The Fallen - Honoured peons lost in the mist of times