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Fringe Planet is a survival simulator sandbox based in a twisted voxel universe where both science and magic co-exist. It follows the story of six procedurally generated people (called peons) who awake in a frozen hellscape with no memory of who they are. It's up to the player to help them survive and eventually prosper.



What platforms will Fringe Planet be released on?
Fringe Planet is aimed at the PC/Linux platform, and depending on feedback we will be releasing a Mac version. There are no plans to port the Fringe Planet to consoles at the moment.

What stage of development is Fringe Planet at?
Fringe Planet is in active development and moving very rapidly toward a playable demo. Follow us on twitter to find out more.

Is there multiplayer?
Fringe Planet is not designed with multiplayer in mind. However, there is an optional online component where you can discover other players games that have ended - allowing you to explore and scavenge them.

Is this Minecraft?
Aside from voxels and survival elements, Minecraft and Fringe Planet are two very different games. Fringe Planet is played with a free floating camera and you don't directly interact with the environment - the peons do that for you.

What are you developing Fringe Planet in?
Fringe Planet is being developed with the powerful Unity game engine.

When will Fringe Planet be released?

We are planning to release a closed beta towards the end of 2018, with an Early Access version being released at the start of 2019. We are aiming to be out of Early Access by the end of 2019.

Where can I follow development?
We release a new development blog entry every Friday, which details the work done over the week. In addition to that you can follow our lead developer on twitter - he blogs daily about Fringe Planet development.

Will there be a kickstarter?
Yes. We actively seeking funding for the development of the game, and a kickstarter is a fantastic way of getting funding. We are waiting until we have a feature rich demo to show before we start a kickstarter, please keep an eye out for additional announcements about this!

How can I help?
Spread the word! Fringe Planet is being developed by a small indie studio in the United Kingdom and it's really important to get the game on peoples radar. So feel free to tweet/share/email about the game!

I have more questions!

We are always happy to answer your questions - either tweet them to us, or you can email us at : - we would love to hear from you!