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Furniture and interior decoration – Dev Blog 16

There are many things in Fringe Planet  – everything from eldritch creatures that will terrify peons, to complex machinery that produce items from raw material – today we will talk about something more mundane – the furniture that the peons can build and interact with.

Currently in the game are three categories of furniture – doors, chairs and tables. These all have different uses and (generally) make a peons life easier. Aside from the aesthetic look of making a base look more lived in each of the furniture categories have a different use.


Doors act as a gateway into a room and allows heat to be trapped inside the room. The higher quality a door, the more heat is trapped inside the room. Additionally the higher quality a door is, the stronger it will be – which is great news when your peons are being attacked.

ImageDescriptionStrengthHeat trapped
wooden_doorThe lowest tier door, a wood door is better than a hole in the wall – but not by much.100 HP30%
Stone doorA stone door is a vast improvement on a wood door, but requires a lot more materials.250 HP50%
Lavarite doorThe ultimate door, the lavarite door traps the majority of heat in the room, as well as being incredibly strong. Unlike other lavarite items, it doesn’t produce heat, but is very efficient at keeping heat in.800 HP80%


Peons do enjoy comfort, and after a hard day of working outside in the snow, a chair can be a great place to rest weary legs. Chairs placed close together encourage peons to congregate in a room, and can be incredibly useful for letting them relax and discussing the topics of the day. Additionally, high quality chairs will improve the area around them, giving a positive mood buff to peons who hang around them.

Wood chairA wooden chair is the lowest tier of chair, quick and easy to manufacture they are a great way to give early game mood buffs to peons, and are useful to place in areas where peons will be spending a lot of time.20 HP
Stone chairA stone chair is not only comfortable, but strong as well. Slower to build and using more resources than a wood chair, a stone chair can actually store a small amount of heat – place one by a fire and it will provide peons with a warm sitting environment.45 HP
Silver chairA silver chair is an ornate master piece of furniture. Using a lot of resources and not actually being that comfortable to sit on, it seems like a strange thing for the peons to use resources on – we wonder if there is an alternative use for this chair.60 HP
Lavarite chairThe ultimate in sitting comfort, a lavarite chair incorporates chunks of heat producing lavarite in it’s build – meaning that any peon sitting on it will be kept very warm – almost regardless of the actual environment around it.100 HP


Tables are incredibly useful bits of furniture. A peon can eat a tasty meal off one, they can use it as a work surface, storing materials close by for crafting. They can also be stood on, offering peons a way to get to hard to reach places

Wood tableA wooden table is incredibly flimsy, but better than eating a meal off your lap – it isn’t recommend to keep anything too heavy on it, and it may be a good idea not to stand on it for too long.30 HP
Stone tableA stone table is rock solid. Heavy and very durable it also replicates the behaviour of the stone chair in the fact that it can store a small amount of heat. Setting up a picnic area of stone tables and chairs near a roaring fire could provide the peons with an interesting dining experience.80 HP
Lavarite tableOnce again, lavarite is the go to material for building high quality and heat producing furniture. An incredibly strong table.200 HP

We wanted every bit of furniture to not only have a unique use, but also a unique appearance, which lead us to design very different models for each bit of furniture – rather than just using re-skins of a base model. A lot more furniture (and furniture categories!) will be added in the future. Thanks for reading today’s blog and take care!

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