Rituals – Dev Blog 45

Tess looked over her notes, each page crammed with words, diagrams and sigils. The shelter was warm today, the fires fully stocked, but everyone was hungry. So hungry.  Today they had to try something different. They had been foraging for days now, grabbing every scrap of food they could find. They had tried hunting, but

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More Lore – Dev Blog 35

In 1867 the iron screw steamer Brizo left from Foochow (now Fuzhou), China, heading toward London, heavily laden with goods and passengers. Amongst it’s cargo (which consisted mostly of tea) were several large, suspiciously coffin-like boxes, which aside from the traditional custom stamps had many other markings on them. Strange and occult looking sigils which

The Fallen Peons

The Fallen Peons

Every week, we get new suggestions from Twitter over the names we should use for the peons. We’ve had almost a 150 peon names suggested over the past six months, and three of those names every week are used in our development builds. You can see them immortalised in the screenshots we post on both