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A dictionary of terms – Dev Blog 30

There are a lot of different terms in Fringe Planet; some obscure, some esoteric and some just technical. Today’s blog post is aimed at providing clarity to some of the terminology used in the game. We will keep this blog post updated with new terms and will also move this information to the Fringe Planet wiki at a later date. Last Updated – 25/01/2019.

  • Agility (stat) – Determines how quickly a peon can move, as well as how good they are at tasks that require fine motor control (such as building a machine).
  • Aspect – The in-game name for a Storyteller – a deity that resents the peons and wishes to destroy/torment them.
  • Awareness (stat) – Determines how perceptive a peon is. If they will notice danger, or if they will plan the most efficient route when moving to a new location.

Aspect of Violence

  • Bismunthite – An ore – used for decoration primary, but also melted Bismunthite can be used in various magical potions
  • Blue mushroom – A plant(?) that grows only in darkness. When it is harvested it will produce chunks of blue mushroom flesh – up to a maximum of 16
  • Blue mushroom flesh – An ingredient that is created when a blue mushroom is harvested. Eating it raw will cause sickness in peons.
  • Bookcase – Placeable furniture which provides a research buff when a peon is in range of it.


  • Cherry – A delicious ingredient that doesn’t fill a peon up. Can be eaten raw.
  • Cherry bush – A plant that rapidly grows a large number of cherries, up to 32 can be on a plant at one time.
  • Circle of Binding – An occult device that can trapped escaped spirits.
  • Clothes – An item worn by peons to keep warm. Clothes can be made, and will also degrade over time or when the peon is hurt.
  • Components – these are objects that when combined together produce furniture and machinery. They can be built by hand, or via machinery and production lines.
  • Constitution (stat) – Determines how healthy a peon is. A strong constitution indicates that a peon can take more damage and will lesson the effects of poisoning.
  • Copper – An ore – A great conductor of heat, useful in both building as well as for making different components.

  • Days – A unit of time – A day is split into four different time periods that effect the game play – sunrise, daytime, sunset and night.

Floating and alone

  • Entity – Any AI powered creature – either natural or super natural.
  • EyeBird – Flying quadrupeds with a single giant eye. These creates are mostly non-violent and eat insects and other small creatures. They can be harvested for meat to use as an ingredient.

  • Fiber Plant – A rapidly growing plant that produces plant fiber. When harvested it will yield up to 32 plant fibers.
  • Friendliness (stat) – Determines how well a peon will get on with other peons.
  • Furniture – these are items that the peons directly interact with (sitting on chairs, getting buffs from book cases etc;).
  • Furniture Tech – A branch of research that focuses on improving the lives of peons.

Featured image furniture

  • Gold – An ore – Used extensively as components in more advance machinery. It also looks pretty.

5 gooooooooooooldeeeeeen_vooooxeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels

  • Ingredient – Anything that can be combined together and cooked in an oven to produce a meal.
  • Intelligence (stat) – Determines how clever a peon is, how well they perform at research as well as how efficient they will be at making a machine.
  • Iron – An ore – A strong material that is used in a lot of different components. It is also unique amongst ores as it can be spawned outside of the ground.

  • Lamp of Blindness – An occult device that is used to hide activity from the Aspects.
  • Lavarite – An ore – this is the central core of the floating island, and is constantly emitting heat – it is a key component in many machines and furniture. Player placed lavarite will still emit heat, but less than it would in it’s natural state.
  • Ley Line – Paths of eldritch energy, linking one point to another. Every ley line will have an elemental association.

Featured image : ley line

  • Machinery – This covers a wide amount of equipment the peons can use to automate many of the building aspects of their lives.
  • Machinery Tech – a branch of research focusing on automation.
  • ManyEyes – A scavenger creature that will eat anything. They prefer darkness and will generally avoid other creatures. They breed rapidly and construct nests. Can be harvested for meat to use as an ingredient.
  • Memory – A system that will improve peon stats as they remember things in their past. Each peon will have three different memories – one in childhood, one in their teenage years and one from their adult years. As they remember more of a memory, associated stats will go up and down depending on the memory.
  • Metaphysical (stat) – Determines how psychically aware a peon is. A peon with a strong metaphysical score will be very aware of the energies and entities that exists in Fringe Planet.

  • Occult Machinery – Any machine that deals with the eldritch forces that exists in Fringe Planet.
  • Occult Tech – A branch of research that focuses on the manipulation of spirits.

2 Spirit Storage Units

  • Peon – A person who has arrived with no memory of who they are. They are powered by an AI and have their own needs and personality. They will gradually remember more about their lives on Earth – which will increase their stats. The peons are a players way of interacting with the world.
  • Plant Fiber – Used by peons to create clothes.
  • Plyme fruit – An ingredient that is filling but bland tasting. Can be eaten raw.
  • Plyme tree – A slow growing plant that produces Plyme fruit – up to a maximum of 8 fruit will be on a single plant.
  • Production lines – Terminology used to describe any collection of machinery that goes through multiple stages to produce a product.

Production Line

  • Seasons – Four separate stages which last 20 days – The Awakening, The Maturation, The Watching and The Darkness.
  • Silver – An ore – A good conductor of heat, it is primarily used as components (and as a raw material) in many occult machines.
  • Spirit – An entity that travels around ley lines the crisscross The Void. Can be trapped and used as energy.
  • Spirit Storage – A more permanent container for a spirit, and will hold multiple spirits.
  • Spirit box – A temporary container for holding a spirit.
  • Spirit house – A machine that will trap a spirit inside it, allowing it to be transferred to a spirit box.
  • Stats – A number that is used to determine how quickly/efficiently a peon will do a job.
  • Storyteller – An AI that actively monitors the game being played, introducing new challenges and problems to challenge the player.
  • Strength (stat) – Determines how strong a peon is, this is used to see how well they build/fight and how much weight they can carry.
  • Survival Tech – A branch of research which helps the peons survive.

  • The Awakening – A season – a “warm” time in Fringe Planet, the easiest season to survive.
  • The Darkness – A season – An incredibly cold and dangerous season, the hardest time to survive on Fringe Planet.
  • The Drift – After a complete cycle of four seasons, something strange happens to the movement of the floating island through The Void. Any peon outside when this happens will often go insane. When the drift happens an effect will occur which will change certain aspects of the game.
  • The Hours – A unit of time – Every day is split into 25 hours, and every hour has a specific name. These names are procedurally generated and will effect different aspects of the game.
  • The Maturation – A season – a plentiful time in Fringe Planet, plants will grow and natural entities will be most active during this season.
  • The Void – a place full of cosmic energies and magic, a higher dimension in which the peons find themselves trapped. Belief becomes reality and ancient entities live inside the darkness.
  • The Watching – A season – Aspects are most active during this season, temperatures will start to drop.
  • Traits – A quality of a peon that will effect their stats. These can also modify how the AI reacts to different situations. Each peon will have between 0 and 5 stats. Examples of stats are “Believer”, “Nervous”, “Playful”, “Strong arms”.
  • Trap Tech – A branch of research that focuses on defense technologies.


  • Visiting island – One of the smaller orbital islands featuring unique builds and resources the often travel along with the main island.

Visiting Ruins

  • Zinc – An ore – A common ore that is found all through the floating island, used for a lot of components.

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