The Fallen Peons

The Fallen Peons

Every week, we get new suggestions from Twitter over the names we should use for the peons. We’ve had almost a 150 peon names suggested over the past six months, and three of those names every week are used in our development builds. You can see them immortalised in the screenshots we post on both

An introduction to Fringe Planet

Fringe Planet is a survival simulator. It is inspired by the likes of such epic games as RimWorld, Dwarf Fortress and Factorio.  It follows the story of six strangers who have been plucked from their lives and deposited in a frozen hellish world.  With no memories of who they are, or why they are here,

Presskit is now live!

Information is power, and I like to keep everyone informed about Fringe Planet, and so I’ve have created a presskit.  This presskit contains information about myself and Fringe Planet.  Additionally it has a bunch of high quality screenshots and infographics about Fringe Planet.  And finally, it contains an incredibly useful zip file that contains a