An introduction to Fringe Planet

Fringe Planet is a survival simulator. It is inspired by the likes of such epic games as RimWorld, Dwarf Fortress and Factorio.  It follows the story of six strangers who have been plucked from their lives and deposited in a frozen hellish world.  With no memories of who they are, or why they are here, they must attempt to survive and even tame the environment of Fringe Planet.

As they struggle against starvation, the cold and the harsh creatures that inhabit Fringe Planet they will slowly start to discover the secrets of this place.  They will start to remember who they are.  They will discover how to harness both the powers science and magic to better their lot. They will go from surviving to living.  And maybe they will attempt to escape this cursed place, or maybe they will decide on another goal.

Fringe Planet is designed to be a great story telling tool.  Various customisable story tellers will influence your game, throwing different events at the player, varying drop rates and providing a very unique play through every time.  Though there is a complex and detailed lore behind the game, and several end game goals – a player can decide to ignore these completely.  It is designed to be a rewarding sandbox game – that will let a player tell their own story.  The characters the player controls can either be procedurally generated, or can be customised with different attributes, appearances and back stories.

Modding support is extremely important in Fringe Planet, and the game has been designed extensively with modding in mind. Almost every aspect of the game can be altered via modding – and there will be extensive documentation released on how to mod the game when it is released. The game is currently aimed at having an Early Access version released in February 2018 with a closed beta happening before then.

Finally, thank you for reading this! Fringe Planet is a growing and evolving game that I am working extremely hard to bring to life and I can’t really wait to let you all play it and explore the playground that I have created!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know – I’m more than happy to talk about Fringe Planet for hours and hours!

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