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So why back Fringe Planet? – Dev Blog 62

Hey! It’s Friday, which means it is time for the weekly devblog! Before I get started (and this will most likely be the last time I’ll be talking about the Kickstarter in a devblog) – please click below, watch, share and back!

So I’m getting so much support about the Kickstarter – lots of very nice things being said about myself and about the game. Which is awesome (and incredibly humbling as well)! However, it seems that this isn’t translating directly into backers, so I thought I’d put together a quick post about why you should back the Kickstarter.

1. Fringe Planet is a very moddable survival simulator game. It’s inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld and Factorio. Presented with very easy to interpret voxel graphics it’s designed to encourage more people to play this genre of game. It’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Some mining machines outputting to belts, showing different coloured particals as they go through machines

2. Platform diversity – I want as many people to be able to play the game as possible – so at launch I’ll be releasing it with full support for PC (both Windows and Linux) and Mac. Also no exclusivity here – it will be available on Steam AND there will be a DRM free version released as well.

3. Accessibility – As mentioned above, I want as many people as possible to be able to play the game and I am 100% committed to producing the most accessible version of the game as possible.

4. At the higher tier rewards you will be able to directly influence the game. Add you own ideas and thoughts (and nightmares!) to an eldritch experience that will be played by thousands of people.

5. Every backer above the £1 level will receive a hand written postcard from me saying thank you. That’s something you can get framed and put above your mantel place!

A postcard, with four peons along the bottom in front of a scene from Fringe Planet - with the text "Wish you were here..."

6. You’ll be supporting an indie developer sharing his passion and knowledge with the world – there isn’t a publisher behind the game, this is just me working on the game full time.

7. The game will be released, I’ve spent the past year and a half working on it. But in order to get the game out as quickly as possible I really do need funds – otherwise I’ll have to go part time on the game and that will delay things a lot alas.

8. You’ll make Cthulhu happy. You want that.

Reality is broken

9. A lot of content – once Fringe Planet version 1.0 is released – that won’t be the end of things. I’ll continue to release large content releases regularly – all of these will be free, forever. You’ve paid for a product you should be able to play all the content without having to pay for anything twice.

10. The stretch goals – I took these out of the campaign when things slowed down, but with the exception of the last one there are all things I’m planning to add to the game. Some I am *incredibly* excited about :

Stretch goal listing for the Kickstarter

Thanks for reading, now go back the Kickstarter!

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