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The joys (and woes) of alcohol – Dev Blog 36

For thousands of years, man has been making and consuming alcohol. Every civilisation has had it’s own tipple. Alcohol calms nerves and relaxes people, but it does have it’s problems as well. This week we’ve been working on bringing alcohol into Fringe Planet.

Through research, the peons can now discover how to make a still. Once stills have been unlocked, a few components, some wood and metal can be gathered together to build this alcohol producing machine. By inserting either Plyme fruit or cherries into a still and waiting a few in game days, alcoholic drinks can be made.


Once started, this process is automatic, a peon doesn’t have to do anything else to create the alcohol – after a few days a task will be automatically created for the peon to go bottle the tasty drink. So what does alcohol do exactly on Fringe Planet?

Alcohol will steadily lower all stats except for friendliness – which actually increases as more alcohol is consumed. Additionally, the peons mood will be significantly improved by drinking alcohol. These stat changes are temporary and a peon will slowly return to normal as time passes (depending on how well their liver is performing).  It’s a good idea not to have a peon drinking through the day, as the stat loses will mean tasks during the day will be performed in a less than optimal fashion. However, there is a huge advantage to letting peons drink at night – getting in a good mood and hanging out with the other peons before bed will result in a great nights sleep.

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However, alcohol does do much more on the simulation level. Firstly, it will lower the peons core temperature, this can be very dangerous if alcohol is consumed outside. Secondly, excessive amounts of alcohol can cause permanent damage to a peons liver – as well as a permanent debuff to their overall stats. As powerful as alcohol is for managing the morale of your peons, it must be handled very carefully – peons can literally drink themselves to death.

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With the introduction of an alcohol – we’ve created some new traits and added some new layers to the simulation. For instance, alcohol will have a much larger effect on a petite peon than it would on obese peon.

TeetotalerWill never drink alcohol
AlcoholicWill often drink alcohol if it is available and will drink to excess
Alcohol addictionThis person needs alcohol to live, they will get extremely ill and possibly die without alcohol – this is a trait that peon starts with, and reflects their life before they arrived on Fringe Planet
Party animalLoves alcohol and gets a huge friendliness increase when drinking
LightweightIncreases the effects of alcohol in the peons system, meaning much less alcohol is required to get mood and stat changes
Iron LiverReduces damage done by alcohol when consumed to excess. Returns to normal stats much quicker than regular peons

There are plans to introduce different types of alcohol into the game: a very powerful hallucinogenic alcohol made from mushroom flesh as well as alcohol created from the blood of eldritch creatures. Both of which will not only act as alcohol – but will also have some ritualistic and magical uses as well. Stay tuned for more information!

Once again, we would love to thank our incredible twitter community for picking the topic of this weeks blog post. If you are interested in reading more about the development of Fringe Planet, feel free to follow us on twitter: @fringeplanet


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