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Peons, and how to make them happy – Dev Blog 38

We talk a lot about the misery suffered by the peons while they spend time on Fringe Planet. They can freeze to death, they can get violently sick from eating food, they can go insane seeing the eldritch sights that are all around them. But how can you keep your peons (reasonably) happy? This blog post tells you all about the wonderful things that you can do to cheer up their miserable existence.

An unusual place for a drink


Everyone enjoys a relaxing beverage after a hard weeks work. Alcohol is fantastic for cheering up peons. It gives them huge mood bonuses and makes them very chatty and friendly with the other peons. Producing alcohol is relatively simple in Fringe Planet once you have still technology unlocked. Just add some fruit into a still, wait a few days and then enjoy your tipple. There are some draw backs to alcohol use of course, but let’s not dwell on that.



After a hard days work, it’s nice to sit down and talk about your experiences of the day. Peons (especially peons with certain chatty traits) try to talk to each other whenever they can. If they are working close to each other there is a chance that they will start talking about things they’ve seen, thought about, or even dreamed. In their down time (when eating dinner, or just relaxing before bed) – they can also chat, so it makes sense to create a meeting/discussion area near where food is consumed and near bedrooms.



Fringe Planet is a pretty cold place, so keeping a peon warm will improve their mood. There are various different ways of doing this – creating warm clothing, keeping the peons inside, fires and lavarite furniture. A warm peon generally is a happy peon!

An oven


The finer the food your peons consume, the happier they will be. Just remember to keep a good stock of food – a peon who can’t find a prepared meal will go and eat raw food if they are hungry, which will result in a mood debuff.

Nice stuff

Nice Stuff

Peons enjoy being around nice things. Every bit of furniture and equipment has a quality factor associated with it. The peon who built that bit of furniture skill is used to determine this value – as well as the item itself (a lavarite chair is inherently nicer than a stone chair). Being around nice things will always cheer a peon up – so it’s often a good idea to have nice things placed where peons spend a lot of time.

6 peons building


Peons are all very different, and the traits of the peons will effect their happiness (in both good and bad ways). A chatty peon be cheered up more by talking than a peon without this trait. A peon with the “party animal” trait gets huge bonuses to happiness when drinking. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on peon traits and encourage situations where their traits may benefit their happiness – for instance a “cold loving” peon may be suited to work outside for extend periods of time.

So remember, it’s not all doom and gloom in Fringe Planet – peons can sometimes be very happy! (until they get their face eaten off by an eldritch horror).

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