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Dev Blog 17

Hello and welcome to this weeks development blog. This week we have been largely focused on the games UI and styling it into something less generic, theming it to better reflect the occult universe that Fringe Planet takes place in. This is still very work in progress, so we thought we would talk today about

Dev Blog 15

Greetings and welcome to this weeks development blog. A bit of a different one today – we’ve been in the Netherlands this week, meeting some interesting folk, as well talking a lot about Fringe Planet. It’s been very crazy and very busy – but also a lot of fun! We have been accepted into the

Presskit is now live!

Information is power, and I like to keep everyone informed about Fringe Planet, and so I’ve have created a presskit.  This presskit contains information about myself and Fringe Planet.  Additionally it has a bunch of high quality screenshots and infographics about Fringe Planet.  And finally, it contains an incredibly useful zip file that contains a