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The Kickstarter is over – Dev Blog 63

Spoiler alert : It didn’t get funded!

But it has been an incredible journey. I’ve learnt a lot about both marketing and Kickstarter specifically. Also (and more importantly) Fringe Planet has got a huge amount of exposure. The support has been amazingly humbling. To see people backing and supporting the game has been an amazing experience. To everyone who shared the Kickstarter and to everyone who backed it – I really, really appreciate it!

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So what does this mean? Well, Fringe Planet will still be developed. It will still be released. You’ll get to torment peons in new and unusual ways (or try and save them, I’m not judging). Everyone who did back the game will be credited as one of “The First Ones” as a thank you for supporting the campaign. I’ll be opening the Discord (most likely next week) – so it will be awesome to start building a community there.

I’ll be doing a proper post mortem of the campaign in the next few weeks as well. I’ve learnt some incredibly valuable things about this process and really want to share them with other gamedev folks – so my mistakes can be avoided!

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The actual release of the game will most likely be delayed now, as I’m going to have to seek other funding (both for myself personally as well as development funds for Fringe Planet). This is unfortunate but let me please state once again: I will be releasing Fringe Planet. Work will not stop on the game – I’m in this for the long run!

So once again, thank you to everyone who has supported! For prosperity here are a couple of videos that I made to encourage people to back the game.

This eldritch journey will continue…

There is a lot more to read about Fringe Planet… why not try:

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