Thunderpeons are GO! Dev Blog 73

What an incredibly eventful week for me. This week has been very much focused on the business side of things, lots of paper work, talking to solicitors and all the other delightful admin type stuff that goes on behind the scenes when running a company. Even if the company is just me!

But signatures have been gotten, paperwork has been processed, Cthulhus have been fhtagned and that should be the majority of the business type focus sorted until next year. Which is pretty awesome and means I can knock off a bunch of development related tasks in the up and coming month. Oh, I still have to sort out some Fringe Planet Christmas cards though!

Development wise, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Gimp. Mostly working on voxel textures. A lot of the voxel textures themselves are very high resolution (compared to the other textures in the game). Which looks very strange when everything else is so blocky. So I’ve been taking these textures and making them a lot smaller, with much bigger pixels to match the other textures in the game. It’s still a work in progress (did just trying shrinking/pixelating them but the results weren’t very good – so the textures are all being re-created). I’ll have some side by side comparisons to show you all next week. It’s very much one of those small changes that make a massive difference to the look/feel of the game.

In addition to that I’ve also been working on a much longer blog post which is a post mortem of the Kickstarter. This will go into numbers, explaining the mistakes I made as well as sharing the insights I learned while running it. It’s pretty long at this point, but I’m hoping it will really help other folks who decide to go down the Kickstarter path. I’ve not ruled out having another one either.

So a brief blog post today (actually struggling with a migraine at the moment, need to find a dark theme for the WordPress editor at some point!) – but thanks for taking the time to read it. And don’t forget, you can wishlist Fringe Planet on Steam right now!

Also, if you fancy chatting with me, or other folks who are supporting Fringe Planet, there is a Discord! Check it out as well!




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