A peon fishing off the side of the island (not actually in game, just a cool image!)

The dust settles – Dev Blog 64

So the Kickstarter ended last week. But things have been all go here! There has been a lot of work behind the scenes on with goals related to Fringe Planet and continuing development on it. It has been a very busy time indeed!

1. Discord

This has been a continuing task this week, and is ready to go now. So before I say anything else, why don’t you click this link and join the Discord? It’s like a real time blog!

Fringe Planet logo with some peons and a message to join Discord

I’ll be hanging there a lot, ready to talk about the game and development in general, so feel free to check it out. It also has all the standard rooms – memes, pet pictures, bot games (including a cutting edge game I wrote yesterday that allows you to fish on Discord) – it would be *amazing* to see you there!

Screenshot of a text description of a fish being caught on discord

Once all the kinks have been ironed out – I’ll be inviting all the backers from the Kickstarter, who will get an exclusive role and also access to a special room as a thank you for supporting the Kickstarter. Really looking forward to interacting with folks in real time on something other than twitter!

2. Webshop

I’ve also been working on a webshop for Fringe Planet – which will allow you to buy the game (which will give you the earliest possible way to play once I’m happy with the alpha). You’ll also be able to get all the Kickstarter rewards as well from this shop – you’ll be able to add names, traits, memories and rituals into the game from here. There will also be physical merchandise available as well (including the postcards!). This is a fairly huge chunk of work, so I’m hoping I can go live with it next week – but the idea is to provide a single portal for all your Fringe Planet needs!

Picture of the webstore showing the buy a peon name purchase

3. Looking for Pots of Gold

With the Kickstarter failing, there is very much a budget shortage at the moment – getting the game developed is expensive (as I do it full time and need to keep the cats fed and the tea stocked up). So I am currently reaching out to a lot of different folks/third parties about getting some currency behind the game. Lots of different negotiations going on at the moment. Fringe Planet is going to be an incredible game once it is finished – it’s just getting the funding to get it to that point. I’ll keep everyone up to date with efforts in this regard. But if you happen to be incredibly wealthy and fancy taking a chance investing in an indie game, feel free to reach out to me! I’m always happy to talk!

Harvested Magic

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