Iron voxels poxing out of the snow

Painting the ores – Dev Blog 75

Eldritch. A word that means otherworldly, weird or strange. A word with a certain atmosphere surrounding it. Atmosphere is something I’m working on very hard with Fringe Planet, and this is why a large chunk of the work this week has been spent playing with shaders, staring at gimp, creating little 32×32 textures and fiddling with mesh code. The most visible work I’ll share today is the texture update. All voxel textures have now been updated to make them more consistent with the art style (see last weeks blog post for more details).

So let’s check some out.


A yellow voxel :-O

Pretty standard stuff, sand is spawned naturally as part of terrain generation (before ores are spawned). Incredibly useful stuff for making windows and other glass items. Reasonably good insulation as well.


An orange voxel with a tinge of green!

A block of copper – an incredibly useful metal. One of the things I really wanted to keep (from the original texture) is the slight greenish hue – indicating oxidization.


A yellow and bright voxel

Bright and shiny, gold is an incredibly valuable material in Fringe Planet. Not sort after for it’s beauty, but instead it is used very heavily in component construction – especially the higher tier components and equipment associated with magic.


A metallic looking blue voxel

Iron is the only ore that can spawn outside of the ground, sometimes in giant strange looking constructions (such as the featured image of this blog post).

How iron is spawned outside of the terrain



A very bright voxel

Silver is another ore which is sort after for it’s usefulness in magical components.


A silver and mottled voxel

Surprisingly common amongst the ores, zinc is used during the manufacture of many of the early game components – helping create alloys with the other ores.

So those are a sampling of the new textures that have been added this week. I’ve also been working on a few other things which aren’t quite ready to show yet. The first one is working on making the ores look more natural underground. Currently, if a voxel is copper it looks like a big cube of material, which is somewhat immersion breaking alas.

Two copper voxels surrounded by stone

I’m addressing this by adding a mask ontop the texture, which (once I get it working) will take the materials around it (stone, sand, earth) and give the impression of nuggets of the ore being inside of a block of the surrounding type. I’m also having a very serious ponder about how transitions work between different textures in Fringe Planet. The engine knows the difference between a player (well peon) placed voxel and a naturally generated one. The ultimate idea would be to create a “seamless” transition between voxels when they are naturally placed and have this sort of transition only happen by peon placed blocks.

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