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A small Friday update – Dev Blog 81

This has been a very strange week. Busy as ever and additionally I was randomly shot in the head by an air gun while going to fetch cat treats. I’m fine, but it was a very surreal event that actually (most annoyingly) delayed some things I was planning to do this week. Always expect the unexpected.

Iron in the snow

So, while the assassination attempt failed, I’ve been heavily focused on work on two different pitches for Fringe Planet. The biggest one being for the UK Games Fund. This pitch has two parts – a long answer questionnaire and a two minute video pitch. The nice thing is that since I’ve pitched in the past, it gives me an awesome opportunity to look back at the game and see how it has evolved during development. It also gives me an opportunity to see how my own pitching skills have been improved (which I can honestly say thank you to the Indietopia Accelerator program for helping me refine them).

My first pitch to the UK Games fund was actually fairly naive in retrospect, focusing excitedly on the game itself, rather than the business  that needs to exist around a game. I also managed to fit two pages of text in 2 minutes by speaking incredibly quickly. Probably not good points in my favour! It was also put together in Windows Movie Maker – which probably didn’t reflect the amount of professionalism I wish to share.

The second one was significantly better than the first – though once again focusing a lot on the game – the actual mechanics, lore, modding. Highlighting the unique selling points of the game. Also featuring me speaking incredibly fast (not quite 2 pages of text, but almost).

This time, I’ve tried to achieve a lot more balance – talking about myself, the team involved, a brief highlight of the game as well as what the plans are for the future of the company. Also, I’m talking a lot slower this time – a lot less info, but much easier to digest. So it will be quite interesting to see how it goes down.

This will actually be quite a short blog post today, as I’ve still got a lot more I want to do this week that got delayed due to a lone gunman. Be safe out there folks!

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2 thoughts on “A small Friday update – Dev Blog 81

  1. Sucks you got shot thats not very nice of someone. I see the graphics, terrain generation and UI are moving along nicely. If you are looking for beta testers, I have Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld and Minecraft experience, some cold weather survival experience, much love of Lovecraft, cats, and free time.

    1. Thanks for the comment 🙂 it’s getting there slowly but surely – but will be putting a call out for beta testers at some point. Best bet to keep up to date is to join the Discord (which reminds me, I need to add a link to the Discord on the blog!). Cold weather survival experience actually sounds awesome – not something I’ve ever done (just a lot of thinking and research about it!)

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