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Every peon is unique. With the number of permutations there are most likely trillions of different peons that you may encounter while playing Fringe Planet1. I’ve had a few questions about some of the basic mechanics behind Fringe Planet, and though everything is in the blog – I thought it would be awesome to do a refresher. Mostly for updated screenshots and not having to scroll through pages of info2.

Peon Stats

Peons have various modifiers – their base stats, memories and traits. Today I’ll be talking about stats. These are seven attributes that every peon has and define how well/quickly they will perform a task, as well as having dice rolls against these numbers when different situations occur. These attributes won’t always remain the same. A peon can gain better attributes by doing certain tasks repeatedly. They can also lose some value to their attributes through injury and other events.


How physically strong a peon is. This is determines how much weight a peon can carry, how quickly they can dig or chop wood. It is also used to show how much damage they can do.


Deals with how a peon will interacting with the world around them – how quickly they move, how good they are at performing delicate physical work.


This defines how smart a peon is. How good they are at building things or researching. Also used to define how accurately a peon will guesstimate when picking up a lot of supplies for a task.


Indicates how healthy a peon is, how physically fit it is. With a high constitution a peon can take more damage, will recover from wounds faster and won’t be so susceptible to illness.


A very important stat used extensively with the more eldritch aspects of the game. This determines a peons psychic strength: how well they will perform magic and how vulnerable they are to magic attacks.


Will a peon notice a mound? Are they aware of any traps? Will they notice an increase in attention from The Aspects? Having a very alert peon can be incredibly handy.


The peons are stuck in a surreal situation. Being friendly toward others can really help manage stress levels. A smile from a friend can make all the difference. This stat determines how easily a peon will make friends.

Peon builder

All these stats will make every peon perform differently at different tasks. You can use the peon builder to make a perfect peon – however normally every peon will be assigned these stats randomly. This means that not every peon will be amazing, and some peons could be a liability. But it’s up to you with what you do with the more useless ones…

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  1. Disclaimer: did not do the math, but it’s quite a high number
  2. And dropping the royal “We” I used for all of my earlier blog posts – it was fairly cringey and can’t bring myself to edit the earlier ones!

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