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The Winds of Fate – Dev Blog 67

So another week has flashed by in an instant. I am still battling the after effects of the cold, so alas, this week hasn’t been as productive as I had hoped. But things are all moving in the right direction. Which is good. So what has been happening this week?

A temple

The web shop, alas, has been delayed again. I’m using Drupal as a CMS for it. I’m very much a back end developer when it comes to web development, so the framework is all there, all the options are there. Paypal transactions work (and have been a lot of fun to play around with). However, it looks as ugly as sin. So I thought I’d get a third party in to develop a theme for the site. My front end skills are sadly lacking, so thought it would be a time saver. Alas, this doesn’t seem to have been the case – I’m still waiting on delivery of the theme. Once I’ve got that in place (and done some testing) – I’ll be pushing it live. There are some very cool things I want to share with you about it!

An Eyebird against a black background

Game development wise, I’ve been working on putting together the faces of peons procedurally – the work that was put on hold while the Kickstarter was running. I’m incredibly happy with the way this has been coming along, and it’s given the peons a lot of character – once the base work on this achieved then it’s onto the really exciting stuff – changing the peon faces dynamically as the game is played. The frame work for this has been set out, but still needs a lot of optimisation (as well as new assets, I’m using a lot of Nic drawn gimp stuff at the moment).

A peon with the new facial texture

In addition to that, I’ve been experimenting with some different ways of displaying The Void and it’s moods (the giant square clouds that surround the game area).  Currently The Void will change colour when a Storyteller has noticed something and when the Storyteller gets bored of tormenting you. I want a bit more nuance in this system as it’s just a rapid change to red/green when these triggers occur.

Red sky indicating that a Storyteller is now interested in the player

Finally, the community is growing! I’ve almost hit 6666 followers, and the Discord is full of activity (if you haven’t checked it out – you really should!) – We’ve got a fantastic mod team in place, and a lot of folks are becoming regulars – it’s a lovely supportive place!

Featured image - three peons looking at the camera

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