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Merchandise has arrived – Dev Blog 86

The time has finally arrived! Merchandise for Fringe Planet is now available. I’ve had a lot of fun getting these ready and designing various things for the store. So before I go into a lengthy discourse about my reasoning (so you may just want to click this and forget about rest of the blog post!) here is the link to the store:


Please note all profit from this will be spent on important development costs: tea and cat treaties!

Easily the most requested item are t-shirts – why not get yourself one and be the envy of all your friends!

In all seriousness, development is expensive and self funding a game is hard, so any extra pennies I can earn makes a huge difference. The less I’m chasing money, the more time I’m spending developing! I was hesitant to start selling merchandise at first (who would people buy it for a game which is still in development?) but after the Kickstarter I had a lot of people approach me asking how they could support the game financially. Many suggested merchandise. Which honestly made me smile quite a bit (failing a Kickstarter is actually quite an emotional thing, so the smiles were really appreciated).

Drink tea in style (or coffee if you must)


I’ve researched many third party merchandising stores, because one of the things I didn’t want to have to handle was stock and shipping – there aren’t enough hours in the day for that. I’ve decided to go with teespring. Now anyone who knows teespring knows that creators can set a “profit” amount on each sale. Some of which by default almost doubled the final price! I’ve reduced this to a bare minimum at the moment, but will adjust prices depending on how things go.

Socks featuring The Void? You can wear a suit and still be eldritch!

I’ve got a lot of very cool ideas for different merchandise for Fringe Planet – but I’ll never make an item that will “date” – i.e. featuring a model or texture that may change. However, if something like this does happen, I’ll probably produce a “limited edition” item featuring the old thing. Just to see if there is any interest.

The original concept art used in my first few pitches. Wouldn’t it look good above your fireplace?

I am, of course, very new to this merchandising business, so will be experimenting with different ideas through the coming weeks. As well as pondering new designs (I’ve already got six sketched out, but didn’t want to go all out at this point!)

Save the Earth with this totes cool tote bag! It can hold your shopping, your eldritch collection of spell casting materials or even a severed head!

I’m going to be incredibly interested to see how the shop does and in advance: honestly a massive thank you if you decide to make a purchase. Every penny really does count at the moment, so any purchase would be incredibly appreciated. Also, if you do buy stuff – tweet me about it! I’d love to see photos of the merchandise in real life (and will totally RT you!).

Why not prove your support by getting married in front of this wonderful wall hanging?

Finally, if you have any ideas (or issues) with the store please let me know and I can do what I can to help you – either reach out on Twitter (@beebug_nic) or send an email to nic AT fringeplanetgame.com! Enjoy your weekend folks!



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