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Fringe Planet is a survival simulator inspired by Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress with a sprinkle of Factorio. The game is set in a Lovecraft inspired universe where science and magic co-exist.

Follow the story of six strangers who awake on a frozen landscape with no memory of who they are, or why they are here. It's up to you to help them survive, tame the environment of Fringe Planet and eventually prosper.

Struggle against starvation, harness the power of magic and science and discover the secrets to help the strangers survive, escape or ultimately choose a different fate...



Detailed simulations

Fringe Planet is designed to be realistic. Many different simulations are running to keep the game dynamic in nature. From the peon AI getting angry at uncooked food, to the way the wind will change the temperature of a room is simulated.

Complex machinery

Because science and magic co-exist in Fringe Planet, they can work together to produce crazy and fantastical machines. The player can choose how to best employ them. Is it worth while to set up a complex set of belts and machines to automatically craft objects? Or do you prefer to let the peons do the hard work?

Rich Lore

Inspired heavily by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, there is a detailed and complex lore - a reason for everything. Players can explore and discover this lore, or choose to ignore it.

Customisable Peons

Peons, the strangers you need to help. Don't like the procedurally generated peons? No worries, you can customise them completely – from physical appearance to their pasts and even their personalities. Small bit of advice: beware of customising your peons as loved ones - Fringe Planet can be incredibly nasty toward peons!

A living breathing world

With plants that grow, snowfall and constantly visiting mini-biomes, the world of Fringe Planet gives you an exciting and dynamic environment to enjoy.

(Brutally hard) Storytelling

The game features customisable storytellers that can influence the game (aka throwing events at the player). This way each run of the game will feel fresh and challenging for the player. How about waking up to a demonically possessed peon to start the morning?

Attention to detail

Clothes dynamically change, when a peon changes them. Plants have different growth cycles – some grow during the day, others at night. Doors let heat out of a room. Some peons snore.

It's the little details that take an awesome game and makes it epic.


The game has been designed from the ground up with modding in mind. Every aspect of the game can be changed via modding! Import MagicaVoxel, change gameplay with nothing but an XML editor!

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