Dev Blog 8

Hello and welcome to Friday’s regular development blog. This week we have been very busy adding life to the fauna of Fringe Planet. Up until now, only two types of entities have been living in The Void – the peons and something very evil we haven’t spoken about yet. So this week we have added

Dev Blog 7

Another week has hurtled past as we have been busy working on Fringe Planet. Before we get into the awesome game development news, let us talk about the exciting new newsletter we have made. This week we have added a newsletter sign up page to the site. This is an incredibly interesting development and will

Dev Blog 6

Greetings! And welcome to this weeks development blog. This week we have been focusing on various structural elements of Fringe Planet – things such as the main menu, peon builder and game settings windows. We’ve also done a lot of work on the save and load game systems – this is a big job and

Dev Blog 5

Another busy week, and another Friday blog post covering all the development work done on Fringe Planet this week. This week has been focused on the AI of the peons, and finishing the plant work that was started last week. Peon AI is now very aware of meals, and how tasty they are – as

Dev Blog 4

This week has been a very busy week here. We visited the Develop Conference in Brighton this week and met all sorts of interesting people as well as speaking a lot about Fringe Planet.  In addition to that we have been continuing work on the new plants and their integration into the game. Plants currently

Dev Blog 3

Greetings and welcome to the third of the weekly blog posts about the development of Fringe Planet. This week the focus has been of the fauna that the peons will discover while exploring the frozen landscape they find themselves trapped in.  This actually touched on several of the different subsystems the game uses and is