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I tweet a lot about the development of Fringe Planet - as well as talking about game development in general. Twitter is fantastic for getting the message out, but tweets always slowly fade out of view as time goes past. So I've decided to add this section to the website, which contains everything I've tweeted. You'll find a lot of information about both me personally as well as the game.

Due to some poor logistical planning on my part, I'm down to my last three teabags and don't have enough time to get to the shops and back before my next meeting oO

Good morning folks - happy Tuesday :-) I've got a fresh cuppa and I'm ready to face the day! What are your plans for today folks? Whatever they are I wish you the greatest success with them :-D #gamedev

My weekend task was replacing parts of my toilet cistern, the inflow pipe and the thingy-that-stops the water after it flushes, they had been acting flakey for a while. But I'm so impressed at my plumbing handwork, I now give the toilet a small round of applause every flush :-)

Holy smokes - 100 lines of code in two different languages and it worked flawless the first time run. What eldritch sign is this? oO #gamedev

Three Project X meetings in a row - thankfully with enough time to grab a cuppa between them. Now I know what I'm working on this week - time to commence the #gamedev :-D

Good morning folks, happy Monday! A fresh week has started and I'm super excited to get started! What are your plans for this fresh new week folks? Let me know :-) #gamedev

Good morning folks and happy Friday :-) The weekend is almost here! :-D Today I've got a bunch of #webdev that needs doing and a huge amount of tea that needs to be drunk - what are our plans?

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(I may be replaying an old game)

So just called my Dad for some plumbing advice, asking if a certain component inside my toilet cistern was just a generic one, or if I'd need to buy a replacement specific to the toilet brand.

His response - don't worry, they are all bog standard.

I groaned :-)

Required reading

Just has a 15 minute stand up that actually lasted 14 minutes :-O What crazy reality is this? :-)