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I tweet a lot about the development of Fringe Planet - as well as talking about game development in general. Twitter is fantastic for getting the message out, but tweets always slowly fade out of view as time goes past. So I've decided to add this section to the website, which contains everything I've tweeted. You'll find a lot of information about both me personally as well as the game.

Happy #SaturdayMorning people of twitter! Hope you are all doing well :-) I've got some chores to do today, but then after that I'm going to be playing around with the #pykrete for the sake of realistic #gamedev :-) (still my excuse and sticking to it) what are your plans? :-)



(well not quite, its still not quite frozen in the middle, so all the fun experimentation will have to happen tomorrow, because I'm going out and being social tonight)

Someone looks *way* to happy here


And these are the last two blocks which are in the freezer :-)

Official frozen - I made three blocks. This first one is how they would make it on @FringePlanet - just a mixture of snow and wood - the other two are more traditional - different percentages of wood and water which are now sitting in the freezer. Expect more details soon :-)

I'm a man of my word - let's do this! :-)


Hmmmm..... :-)

So my Dad liked the idea of the red on white logo, my sister not so much :-) (censored her name because she would kill me if she knew what I had her contact name saved as!) :-)

Valuable #gamedev marketing lesson from the @IndietopiaNL discord :-)

Happy Friday folks! We actually finally have a decent amount of snow :-) So an appropriate time to make marketing material :-) Today will be focused on #gamedev (and the weekly blog post) - what are your plans for the day? :-)

#indigame #uksnow #Snowmageddon

Last tweet o' the night! My pumpkin looks rather confused about still being about at this time :-) take care and be safe folks, and I'll catch you on the last day of the week :-)

So just used my nifty laser temperature monitor to see just how cold it is outside and it's -2C at the moment here. The nice thing about this monitor is that it also drives the cats crazy- it's like having a remote control black mass zooming around the garden chasing the dot :-)