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I tweet a lot about the development of Fringe Planet - as well as talking about game development in general. Twitter is fantastic for getting the message out, but tweets always slowly fade out of view as time goes past. So I've decided to add this section to the website, which contains everything I've tweeted. You'll find a lot of information about both me personally as well as the game.

When writing a pitch document, what is the acceptable number of times to use the world "eldritch" ? I have a feeling I may be over using it :-)

#gamedev #bizdev

Wondering about the legalities of ripping the audio from one of my own YouTube videos because I've got rid of the original source and don't want to spend 2 hours re-recording 1 minute of speech :-) (I dun talk so good)

Just did my mid-morning walk for the day (I'm addicted to Pokemon Go, apparently catching pokemon is what I need to give me an incentive to stay healthy) - tis fairly cold and a very thin coating of snow in some sheltered places, but not enough snow (or cold) for #pykrete :-(

Hi Twitter! Tis rather chilly out there, so quite glad I can stay in my nice warm office and do #gamedev (one of the perks of the job!) :-) Today is going to be mostly focused on #bizdev - and refining the trailer and a video pitch. What are your plans for the day?

Last tweet o' the night - dinner is ready and I'm starving, be safe and keep warm (or chilled if it is hot where you are!) - I'll catch you on the morrow :-)


Eeeeep, pollution is bad mmmm'kay?


I'm surprised no one has mentioned the black entities before (the ones that appear at the end of the wip trailer) - they've been in a bunch of screenshots for the past six months, looking in through windows, floating off center in photos, generally being creepy :-D https://twitter.com/NiYOtanEN/status/1090713307995127813

Some images from the final build for the trailer :-)

#gamedev #indiegame #indiedev

And this weeks peons :-) We have :

Romeoette: who is imaginative, athletic & very alert
Julian: The "playful" solicitor - hardworking & strong
Wolf: A sporting peon who was a plumber back on earth

It's an interesting bunch of peons - should be fun to see how they do!


Dagnabbit - it's doing it again after a reboot - time for a cuppa while I wait alas

The Hall of Fallen Peons has been updated with the Christmas peons - which means the new peons are very much on their way. The Hall of Fallen Peons contains every single peon that has been suggested to me by you wonderful folks on Twitter - so thank you! https://fringeplanetgame.com/peons.html