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Sigil Initiative Privacy Policy

Last Update - 01/04/2018


We at Sigil Initiative take your privacy seriously. We don't believe in using data about you in anyway that would make us, or you, uncomftable. This privacy policy covers all our domains ( sigilinitiative.com, sigilinitiative.org, sigilinitiative.net and fringeplanetgame.com ). We will keep it updated as and when our policies are updated.

Data we collect

We run google analyitics on fringeplanetgame.com - and that is about it, you can opt out of this or install a cookie blocker to prevent the code from running. We also may store a cookie that indicates how you have interacted with the website - this can be deleted or rejected. We have no sneaky method of identifying people though nefarious means. We believe that the internet has lost it's way - people being turned into nothing but analyitics. Companies that did no evil now doing evil. We very strongly believe in privacy of the individual and will do everything we can to protect peoples right to privacy.

The Fringe Planet Development log, if you decide to comment, will store your comment, and we will associate an IP with that comment. Additionally we may use a 3rd party spam detection program to remove comments from bots. If you want a comment deleted, please email us, and we will attempt to delete it within 24 hours. Finally, the blog may set cookies on your local machine - there is no data collected with these cookies, they are purely used for the operation of the blog. We recommend getting a cookie blocker if these are unwanted - personally we use Ghostery - https://www.ghostery.com/.

Additionally the Fringe Planet website offers a newsletter sign up page - this is completely optional and you can remove yourself from it at any point. The data collected about you (should you sign up) is simple - we collect your email address, how you found the page (if you followed a link), your mailing preferences (how often you want the newsletter and if your email address has been confirmed) and the time you signed up for the newsletter. We pass this information on to mailchimp in order to manage our mailing list. You still control all your data - if you wish it removed or updated, please let us know.

About our cookies

We, along with the rest of the web, use cookies. There are little text files that we use to determine how your browser works, what you've agreed upon and also for Google Analyitics. All of these can be disabled safley should you wish.  The cookies we use are as follows :

  • has_js - this site uses the Drupal CMS, this is a check to see if your browser can run javascript

  • cookie-agred - these is the status of if you have agreed (or declined) us the permission to set cookies - the value inside it determines if you have accepted or declined

  • _ga - google tracking cookie

  • _gid - google tracking cookie

  • _gat - google tracking cookie

Data in the future

In the future, Sigil Initiative will offer services such as mailing lists and CMS functionality on it's websites. When that happens, we shall update this privacy policy. We will always get your consent for any and all data you give to us. You will always have the right to delete/update or have this data transfered elsewhere. We will do nothing with your data without your permission. We will never abuse your data - and that is a promise.

Get in contact

Have a question about this privacy policy? Any concerns? then please let us know. You can email us with any questions you have - we will aim to reply within 24 hours.

Last thoughts

You have a right to your privacy always remember that and fight for it when you can! Thank you for reading this privacy policy, we have tried to keep it concise and simple to understand, if you do have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Last Updated:
Monday, April 1, 2019 - 14:30

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