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Though Fringe Planet is still under development, you can help contribute to development by purchasing any of the things below. This will keep Nic topped up with the strong tea that he requires while developing. As a thank you, everyone who purchases from this store will be credited before any other non-developer role in the Fringe Planet credits. Buy a peon name will not get a copy of the game (just my eternal thanks), but people who purchase the leave a message will be the first people to recieve a copy of the closed beta.

On a personal note, even just clicking on this page means a great deal - being a solo developer is a lot of work, and any purchase from this store really makes my life easier. You won't get the game right yet, but you will be the first people to play it - and I'll probably even send you a sappy email thanking you.

Please note : All transactions take place securely on the PayPal servers — we do not process any of your financial data on our servers — and won't see it (or store it). After checking out with PayPal you will be re-directed back to this site again to a page that will ask for your email (so we can send you a link should you decide to change your name/message) as well as containing a form for you to fill in your name/message. If you have any problems with payment please contact nic@fringeplanetgame.com.


An image of smiling peon who looks rather like Nic
Add a peon nameThis will allow you to add a single name to the game, and is the quickest way to get your name into the official Fringe Planet name pool (it will appear exclusively in the closed beta as well as in the main game). No racist/homophoic/real celebrity/trademarked/obscene names will be accepted, and Nic will have final editoral control when determining if a name is acceptable. After purchasing this, you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to input your name, your peon name and your email address. We only ask for your email address so that we can send you a reminder if you forget your unique page link.

£10 (about $13 USD)


An image of a sleep well message made out of voxels
Add a messageThis is a fantastic way to support the game, and will allow you to add a message (280 charecters long) which will appear in the credits of the game. Once again, Nic will have final editoral control of your message and will refuse anything which is offensive. This will also include a free copy of the game, once it is released (as well as a key for the closed beta). This level of support is incredible - and super appreciated!

£30.00 (about $40 USD)